A work order is in my Pruvan app, but not in my PPW app. What do I do?

Sometimes the Pruvan app does not remove work orders that have been reassigned. Therefore, it is vital to base your work off of the PPW app alone. 

Do you provide the equipment needed on work orders?

No. Each subcontractor is fully responsible for the equipment to complete the work they are assigned. Providing and maintaining equipment for the hundreds of subs we have in the states we service would be longistically impossible. 

How long before I start getting work?

Your initial on boarding process varies on how quickly a background check can be done and purchasing insurance coverage. After submitting all of your paperwork via our website and installing the PPW app, contractors may see work assigned to them immediately. Please know that work loads themselves vary from state to state, region, and time of the year.

How long does the bidding process take?

Hearing back on a bid depends on the client team. Some clients will approve a bid the same day for some things, but the process usually takes a few days, sometimes up to a week.

How many photos should I take on a typical work order?

Typically, we require anywhere from 1000-1500 photos per work order. In some cases (larger work orders) you may see substantially more. Please make use of our Photo Requirements page to see detailed information of the photos we require per client and work type.

What do I do with individual work orders?

Any incomplete work, or completing work that is not specified in the work order, may result in a chargeback. All work specified in the work order must be documented through photos via the PPW mobile app

What happens if I cannot complete a work order?

Checking your queue daily and communicating well with your regional manager is key. We all want to avoid chargebacks and late work orders. Work orders can often be reassigned to other subs if we are given enough lead time. However, waiting till the last minute to let your regional manager you will not be able to complete a work order severely inhibits that possibility and is detrimental to your cause.

When should I expect to get paid?

After your initial three week delay after on boarding, you will be paid every week on Friday by direct deposit. Refer to our Pay Schedule to see exact dates of payment according to when the work is completed. 

Which sign should I post on the front door?

Please refer to our Documents page for detailed information.

Why am I required to cover a two hour radius from my residence?

While understand the challenges of a service area this large, the way our clients break down zones differs from county and city lines. In order to be allocated in a zone, subs must be willing to cover the whole zone and not simply a portion of it. Having a greater area to cover also helps in keeping a steady workload for our subs. Smaller areas seldom receive a sufficient number of orders to keep a sub financially satisfied.

Why are 1000-1500 photos required per work order?

Taking a greater number of photos reduces the chances of a client denying payment for work completed. The more photos we have, the better support we have for our charges. Photos are our evidence of the quantity and quality of services performed. These photos also give the bidding team clear picture of what needs to be bid and how large the task

Why cant I only do grass cuts?

Simply put, grass cut vendors do not fit our protocol. In most cases, more than simple grass cuts are required on a property. By having contractors with the skill set required to accomplish all property preservation work requested by our clients allows us the flexibility and ability to maximize what we can service.

Why can't I use a computer to upload the pictures instead of getting a smart phone?

There are several reasons for this.

  • Again, that simply does not fit our protocol.
  • If you wait to upload photos when you return to home base, your regional manager will not be able to verify that your photo requirements are met
  • if photos were missed – you would have to return to the property to take the photos needed.
  • Finally, the apps we use upload directly to the work order for you, avoiding any chance of lost photos or user errors in the uploading process.

Why do chargebacks happen?

Chargebacks can happen for several reasons. They include, but are not limited to, not completing work that should have been done on a work order. Completing work improperly requiring another sub to come out and make repairs. Submitted photos do not justify the work order supplied. Non communication between sub and office staff. Getting paid for work that was not completed, etc.

Why is insurance required before I get started?

Insurance is usually the last piece of the on-boarding process. For liability reasons, we cannot have a sub step foot on a client's property before having the right coverage in place. 

Why is Taylor and Son Services recruiting in states they are not allocated in yet?

The process of allocating in a new state can happen fairly quickly. Showing our clients that we have able and interested subcontractors in an area they need is key to allocating. We do not require potential subs to purchase their insurance or background check until we are ready to allocate in their state. Both insurance and background checks will have to be completed before work can be assigned to our subs.

Why is there a three week delay before I receive my first deposit?

We want to pay our contractors at the earliest possible date. That is why we pay on a weekly basis. However, we also want to keep modifications and discrepancies to a minimum. We have tried many different models over the years and have finally settled on the three week start up. This gives us adequate time to negotiate with the clients as to discrepancies, opinions about cost factors, photo issues, etc. Our office works hard to get our subs paid.

Will I be required to drive long distances?

Each of our subcontractors should expect to cover a two-hour radius from their home base. Occasionally, opportunities may be offered to you that require greater distances. But we do everything possible to make these trips true “opportunities.”

Will my work flow with Taylor and Son be affected if I have contracts with other companies?

No. You are an independent contractor and as such are free to work with whomever you desire. Our only concern is that Taylor and Son work orders be completed on time. As long as you are balancing your time and meeting the deadlines in your queue, your work will not be affected. However, late work orders are unacceptable – no matter the reason. If your work requires reassignment to another sub, your regional manager may assign less work at their discretion.